The ability to help others is a way to improve the human. The Annarella - Academy of Ballet and Dança (Cuban School of Ballet) commitment to the values ​​of citizenship of its students who, leading them to feelings of solidarity, through participation in specific events for the purpose.


- Shows "Solidarity Party" for the celebrations S. Julian "Casino Figueira da Foz
- Show of solidarity "to DANCE HELP" to raise funds for the feast of St. Anthony of Caranguejeira


- Classical ballet the Nutcracker - a helping hand : partnership with the School Afonso Lopes Vieira and actress Marta Fernandes for the purpose of collecting funds to buy safety seats to transport children;


- Entertainment for Solidarity CERCILEI, in Leiria (Portugal)


- Shows Solidarity "Eduarda Forever" a partnership with Anchor, an association for parents who have lost children.