Flexibility and stretching

It is the term used to define maneuvers made with the aim of increasing the length of certain muscle. Changes occur during stretching elastic and plastic. The plasticity can be defined as, the tendency of the muscle to take on a new compliance after stretching. Already elasticity is the muscle's ability to return to normal after its fulfillment stretching.

So that the muscles do not retain lactic acid and preserve muscle compliance, stretching should always be done after any activity that requires some physical exertion.

There are several ways to accomplish the elongation. The most used is the self stretching, where the individual will elongate structures. Each follows its limit, evoluindo gradually.

There are countless benefits:

  • - Assist in the development of body awareness, improving posture.
  • - Reduce the stresses caused by joint much shortened muscles, which are mostly responsible for joint problems;
  • - Allows the realization of gestures and movements that, this practice would be impossible without.
  • - Provides conditions for improved agility, strength and speed, reducing the associated physical deterioration with age.