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Ballet Clássico

The ballet is a type of influential worldwide dance that has a highly technical way and his own language. This genre of dance is very hard to master and requires much practice. It is taught in schools own worldwide, which use their own cultures and societies to inform this kind of art. The different techniques of ballet, including mime and acting.

It is a balanced style of dance that incorporates the fundamental techniques for many other dance forms. His most well known form is the romantic ballet or “Ballet Blanc”, that values ​​the dancer rather than any other element, focusing the work of tips, fluid and precise acrobatic movements.

Currently there are several other forms of ballet, between Ls expressionist ballet, and neoclassical arrangements that incorporate elements of modern dance.

The basics of ballet are : Posture Ereta ; use in dehors (external rotation of the lower limbs), circular movements of the upper limbs, vertical body, discipline, lightness, harmony of symmetry.

The ballet is a physical activity that, besides serving as a base for many different dances, promotes body awareness, thereby preventing postural defects or problems caused by inactivity.

The course is intended for children - from 4 years old - teenagers and adults who benefit poderão up with:

  • - The development of the major muscle groups in a harmonious and conscious;
  • - The improvement of motor coordination;
  • - Improves the musculature responsible for maintaining a correct posture;
  • - The development of creativity and self-esteem.