First Steps to Stages

Sou dancer! My dream was always dancing and feel the lightness of the body in harmony with classical music.

Tell you, shortly, school history to drive in six steps, such as the six basic positions of ballet.

1.First Position: In Cuba, received university degrees. Learned the art of dance.

2.First Position: Danced in ballet companies and scoured the world stage.

3.First Position: I came to city of Lis, Leiria, in 1996. Met, in kindergartens, boys and girls who felt interest in dance and enjoyed seeing ballerinas tutu.

4.First Position: With determination, with effort, hard work and a lot of love for the art of dance, realized another dream - I founded Annarella – Academy of Dance Ballet e. The logo, created by my friend and artist, Gabriel Gutierrez, represents a ballerina in arabesque, where balance, posture and body placement are necessarily perfect. In the gym, we teach classical ballet with Cuban methodology.

5.First Position: In my school, today, and each school year, discover many children and young people with a lot of talent. Teaching them to dominate the body with balance, promote their knowledge of the art of dance (composers and danced); help them to be strong and dominate the fears and insecurities by participating in shows and contests, national and international.

6.First Position: Tomorrow is a mystery ...! But Annarella – Academy of Dance Ballet e exist as long as there is love for dance and determination to succeed in life. Many projects ... these are just DREAMING ...!

As you can see the pillars of Annarella – Academy of Dance Ballet e (Cuban School of Ballet) are structural: learn, dance, know, perform, discover and dream ...

Annarella Sanchez